Manhattan's Future Office Skyline

Manhattan will benefit greatly from a new and look and the future looks bright to artists who have illustrated the major infrastructure changes that are coming to Brooklyn, Jersey City, and Manhattan.

There are composite renderings on the internet that map out the city's skyline and most of those projects that were added to the image are soon to rise or are already under construction.

This truly is a real estate and development renaissance!

Some of the cities getting new towers of 1,000 feet or more are Queens, Brooklyn, and Jersey City.

Downtown Brooklyn will have a new epicenter of this new development at 9 DeKalb Avenue. It will eclipse everything around it. There are other towers popping up at City Point (aka 138 Willoughby), 205 Montague Street, 420 Albee Square, and 280 Cadman Plaza.

We will have to wait sometime before the ribbon cutting ceremony because none of these projects have broken ground yet and only three of them have pulled permits with the Department of Buildings.

While across the Hudson, we will find Jersey City's 99 Hudson Street will stand taller than the city's current tallest building. Exchange, aka the Goldman Sachs Tower, will stand at 900 feet. The other two urban ready living towers will have 70 and 65 floors respectively.

Supertalls in Manhattan will more than double. Some home Two World Trade Center will stand as an equal to One World Trade Center if you do not mind omitting the antenna. Three World Trade Center will also be finished soon.

The downtown Manhattan landscape of the Financial District will change drastically with residential supertall towers planned at 80 South Street, 45 Broad, and 125 Greenwich.

80 South is planned to surpass One WTC's roof height of 1,368 feet by nearly 70 feet and its east side FiDi location will balance the completed WTC.

And who can ever forget about Midtown? While there are changes happening, the sheer height added will be incomparable.

Hudson Yards is becoming a top contender with 35 Hudson Yards at 1,005 feet and 30 Hudson Yards at 1,297 feet. They are both under construction, including the almost supertall tower, 15 Hudson Yards at 895 feet.

In addition, currently under construction, Hudson Yards will include the first Manhattan West office tower that will stand at 995 feet.

When we go northeastward, at One Vanderbilt, regardless of constant revisions, will stand to be over 1,500 feet tall and will easily tower above the Empire State building. It will be the most prominent building between the 57th Street Corridor and the Financial District.

Hopefully, if construction is quick and efficient, the 57th Street Corridor will play host to two future supertalls at 111 West 57th Street and 217 West 57th Street.

Some believe that if local politicians can relax the tight control over the city's growth, then Manhattan's housing crisis may come to an end.