manhattan office space for lease

Manhattan Real Estate Experts (MREE) boasts the largest array of available offices for lease in ideal locations throughout New York City from 60th Street all the way down to Battery Park. When considering a lease, we will take into account your business goals, your financial parameters, and the visual/functional requirements required for you to run your business. Your MREE broker is an expert negotiator who is well-versed in all of the various facets of the commercial leasing process, and will use these resources to secure lease terms in your favor. Our vast network of professional connections includes landlords, property managers, etc., and will undoubtedly work to serve you, our valued client in gaining the deal most advantageous to you and your business.

manhattan office space for sale

Manhattan Real Estate Experts (MREE) is a proven winner when it comes to real estate appreciation, and buying a property from which to host your business will serve your interests in a variety of ways. Those many individuals and businesses who actually own their office benefit from many great advantages, as they will often be able to sublet space themselves and may very well profit on the property's future sale’s value – as traditionally commercial condos rise in value as time goes along. Owning commercial property is also a responsibility – oftentimes there are building fees, property taxes, insurance, a mortgage, etc. However, if the timing is right and this form of property ownership is indeed a possibility for you, then you may find that the returns, the pride of ownership, and the possibility to sublet to tenants for further income are absolutely worth the initial expense of buying office condo or coop property in Manhattan.

About Our Company

Dedicated to Your Success

Since 1994, MREE has been executing sales, leases, and acquisitions for all manner of commercial real estate – from finding additional offices for an expanding business to locating highly visible ground-floor space for a popular retailer, to even finding a strategically-located warehouse to accommodate a business's logistics.

MREE is known as a power player in New York City's exciting commercial real estate market. Our expertise and resources in all manner of commercial real estate are unparalleled, and they afford us extraordinary negotiating power that we use for the benefit of our clients. As our client, we will stick by your side as your advocate throughout the process of searching, negotiating, and closing to help ensure that you get the deal most beneficial to you.

From the moment you first contact us, our brokers begin working to develop a thorough understanding of your company’s needs.

Our success is based on our ability to translate your wishes into the perfect property.

We will never suggest a deal that we would not sign ourselves.

Access to Every Building and Every Space

We offer our clients access to every available commercial space that Manhattan has to offer. Unlike other brokerages, Manhattan touts no allegiances with any particular buildings or landlords. Instead, our process is all about you, the client and connecting you to the perfect space.

Exceptional negotiating power with owner

If landlords don't already know us personally, then they respect our significant client volume and reputation.

Unlimited research and industry contacts

In the city that never sleeps, we work tirelessly to enhance our database with a variety of commercial properties to suit the needs of every manner of business – from well-known retail chains to our clients in the medical field seeking space for their practice.

Dedication to your satisfaction

We will always go the extra mile in guiding our esteemed clients to the right property.

Current knowledge of subleases and below market opportunities

We work around the clock to offer up to the minute knowledge of reduced price sublets and other below market opportunities. We pride ourselves on our tenacity and knowledge of every opportunity in today's marketplace.